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Adjustable Beds Quality

October 26, 2008

While shopping for adjustable beds, one is presented with many glittering advertisements claiming their product to be the best. Presented are key factors to help you determine the quality of you adjustable bed.Of the many factors that determine quality, warranty is perhaps the most telling. The longer the warranty offered the longer the manufacturer expects the bed to last. For example, an established manufacturer is not going to place a 20 year warranty on a poorly made bed, as they will have to pay for any claims filed. Avoid any adjustable base that does not offer at least 15 years warranty.

The manufacturer of the bed is definitely on way to determine the quality of the purchase. Leggett and Platt is the company that makes most of the adjustable beds in the US, but to varying degrees of quality. For instance, the S-Cape model is offered with a 20 year warranty, but the Craftmatic models feature either no warranty or a 1 year warranty. So make sure you know the manufacturer, the specific warranty, and how established the company is. The manufacturer is usually the warrantor so how established the company reselling you the product is can be somewhat irrelevant in terms of quality.

Another important factor is safety. Make sure the bed is UL listed and manufactured under ISO 9000 standards, which insure consistency. Also, the bed should have a temporary battery back-up that will allow you to bring it to a flat position in case of an outage.

Compile a list of features important to you, such as wireless remote, programmable remote, massage options, wall-hugger design, split/dual design, removable legs for use in existing frame, casters, Zero Gravity position, and Hi-Low functioning. This will help you to make a better decision and not get tricked into buying options you won’t use. Look for reviews from previous or current owners of the product and see what they have to say.


Benefits of Speciality Sleep Products

October 1, 2008

Many chiropractors and physicians are quickly realizing the benefits of the newer specialty sleep products on the market today. Today, I have brought some commentary on some of the newer innovations from the website of Dr. Larry Smith D.C., P.B.E.. in this article, he discusses the various mattress options for his patients.(

Adjustable Beds
“You’ve probably seen the numerous advertisements on TV and in magazines; happy couples reclining in their adjustable, dual-mattress beds as they read, watch televison or do needle-work. With a push of a button, each sleeper can adjust the head and foot of his or her mattress to the most comfortable position. This type of bed is particularly handy if you and your spouse have different spinal issues. However, sleeping with the spine in extreme angles my spawn vertebral subluxations. ”

“The major benefit associated with waterbeds is the near pressure-free sleeping surface. But again “abnormal sleeping postures or pressure against the edge may cause temporary paralysis in the legs or feet lasting as long as six months.” (Med J Aust 1997;167:632.)”

Airbeds (Like Sleep Number Beds)
“Instead of an innerspring or foam core, air-filled mattresses are filled with …air! This unique design allows consumers to adjust the firmness to suit individual needs.”

TempurPedic Mattresses
“A revolutionary new material was created at NASA’s Ames Research Center in the 1970’s to protect astronauts from gravitational forces (g-forces) experienced during lift-off. This open-celled, breathable material was temperature sensitive and able to distribute pressure or body weight over the entire surface area.”

Tempurpedic and Memory foam mattresses

July 2, 2008

Memory foam mattresses are all the rage right now, as you have probably heard, but what is all the buzz about? What makes memory foam so popular and why should you try it?

Well the main feature of memory foam beds like the Tempurpedic mattresses is the pressure reducing nature of the material. Originally developed for use in medical facilities, it has been proven to provide a much lower surface pressure rating than standard foam, air mattresses, and coil mattresses in clinical studies researching reduction of pressure sores. Basically in a coil mattress, you have metal springs pushing upward and gravity pulling your body down, with your skin, muscles and veins caught in between. This is why your limbs fall asleep or develop sore spots, which signal your body to move. This makes us toss and turn and sleep poorly at night.

With memory foam mattresses, the cells give in areas where more heat and pressure is applied, transferring the air to neighboring cells and spreading your weight across the surface. Heavy areas like your hips and shoulders sink in, while the foam contours to areas like your lower back to provide proper support and posture for the whole body.

Another useful feature is the memory foams ability to resist motion transfer. Especially helpful for couples who have different schedules, this means that your partner will not disturb you when they get a drink mid-night or rise early for work.

For those more concerned about the heat factor, opt for open cell foam, use a cool-flex type cover, and keep your room cool. Most beds are rated for people under 4-500 lbs. so if the weight limit could be an issue be sure to check warranties. Just like any other mattress, these come in varying firmnesses, but have a different feel than standard beds, so make sure to try them out to see which one is best.

Adjustable Bed Basics

June 17, 2008

While most of us have slept on flat surfaces our entire lives, some have discovered newfound comfort when sleeping in slightly adjusted positions, or perhaps have found it a must for medical reasons. It can seem a little weird even to think about sleeping in a reclined position or with your feet up, but you may find that you have never been more comfortable.
We need a few basic things in order for our bodies to function. One of these is sleep. Sleep is the period of rest that allows our bodies to recharge with energy so that it can perform for the period of time when we are awake. Since sleep is so important in or lives and specialists say one should sleep at least seven hours every night, one should make sure the bed is very comfortable.

Many times we use the worst mattresses and poor quality pillows, awaking to back aches and a poor night of sleep, sometimes not even understanding the cause. Certain positions, like the semi-fowler, or zero-gravity positions,  lift the legs and knees above the heart, slightly incline the head, and tilt the pelvis in a way that takes all the pressure of the lower back and de-stresses our joints and muscles. Adjustable beds are successfully used in medical facilities, in health care houses where people are confined to long periods of rest and also in private homes. Some of the problems they help alleviate include but are not limited to: back pains, neck pains, shoulders pain, breathing conditions and even acid reflux. They offer comfort and release tension from your body.

There are many other great features of adjustable beds, and a mattress is a very important part of realizing the total comfort they can provide. These beds can use foam mattresses (latex mattresses, memory foam mattress, poly-foam mattresses) which provide natural support for your body. One should not buy the most expensive mattress solely because it is the most expensive. Memory foam is very durable and flexible, making it a perfect choice. Before buying a mattress look for different brands and compare them on the online comparison websites. You might be surprised to find out how much money one pays for the brand name when he or she could get a mattress with the exact same features, just without the brand-name, at a much cheaper price.

That said, you should research your options and needs and know what it is you are looking for to avoid overspending, or not getting the features you need. Price comparisons online are a great tool for getting the best deal, as are customer reviews.

Habits of “Good” Sleepers

May 29, 2008

If you often awake tired and dreary, running for the coffee machine, making a couple small changes could significantly improve your quality of life. Read on for some behaviors that can positively impact sleep.

1. Take care of yourself! Eat good, excercise, pamper yourself every once in awhile.

2. Fill up your calendar! Recent studies have suggested feelings of loneliness could lead to insomnia, so spend time with friends and family

3. Take breaks from the Computer. Take a break each hour to close your eyes, relax your shoulders, and rest your head.  A recent study showed that, on average, those that spent more than 5 hours a day in front of a computer were much more likely to develop sleep troubles then those that spent less time.

4. Limit Napping. Limit naps to 30 minutes. much longer and you may find it difficult to sleep at an appropriate time.

5.Create a routine that prepares your body for bed. Maybe it is taking a bath, maybe listening to a certain CD, maybe a massage, whatever works for you. As you continue this pattern, your body will learn it is a signal for sleep.

6. Make sure your bedroom is comfortable. A cluttered, hot, or bright room can be hostile to sleep. Keep temperatures and humidity comfortable. Usually in the lower 70s. If your house is too dry, invest in a humidifier, if to damp, a dehumidifier. Limit bright lights or noisy alarm clocks. Make bedding  and clothing soft and comfortable.

Whether you realize it or not, mattress comfort plays a huge role in comfort and sleep. If your going to splurge, the bedroom is a very sensible place to do so. You spend a significant amount of time in bed, and your total productivity depends on getting quality zzz’s. Go ahead and get that memory foam mattress or air mattress you have been dreaming about.  If you ensure the product has a good warranty, your investment will be sound.  If you find that you must sleep in difficult positions for comfort or health reasons, and adjustable bed may be a proper consideration to improve your comfort and relaxation.

7. Get into a rhythm. Select a regular bed time and wake time including weekends) and train yourself to follow it everyday. Allow yourself between 6-9 hours of sleep depending on your personal needs. After a few weeks, it will become a natural cycle.

8. Don’t Dwell. If you lie down, but just can get to sleep, don’t stay in the dark and dwell on it.  This will often make it harder. Instead, find a low energy activity that will burn some energy off and relax you. Get out of the bedroom and try watching a TV program or reading for a few minutes. No thrillers though! Also, don’t read/watch TV in bed, as you want your body associate the bed with sleeping. A warm bath or aromatherapy may be helpful also.

Will a Memory Foam Mattress Topper work for me?

May 3, 2008

A quality memory foam topper or overlay can definitely make a firm mattress feel better, or can get give you an idea of whether or not you would enjoy a memory foam mattress.

If your existing mattress is in very poor condition ie. sagging, uneven, coils poking, etc. a topper is not going to do much. Remember, memory foam is conforming by nature. If you have impressions in your mattress, the mattress topper will just follow and you won’t really experience much of its benefits.

Okay, so you have decent mattress, now…what should you look for? A Memory Foam Mattress Topper should be made with high quality foam. This means no less than 4 lb. density, but preferably in the 5lb range. The topper should be between 2-4″ thick. Any less and you really won’t feel anything, any more and you  may feel engulfed by the memory foam. The best place for the topper is right above the mattress, underneath the fitted sheet and/or mattress protector.Putting the sheet over it will keep it place better. Memory foam toppers are available in nearly ever mattress size at very reasonable prices online now.

While a topper can’t provide the true pressure-less state of an all foam mattress, it can certainly help aid the comfort of your existing one. It also a good way to gauge whether or not you like the feel of memory foam. A decent topper also costs less than the return shipping of a mattress you dislike!

What should I look for in a Latex mattress?

April 28, 2008

An ever-growing item in the bedding market is proving to be Latex Mattresses and pillows. Some prefer it for ecological reasons, some for its quick recovery, others for its longevity. So know that you are thinking about a latex mattress, what exactly do you need to look for?

First of all, you should make sure that the mattress is, in fact, all latex. Many of the cheaper beds you will encounter feature “edge-blocking”, where the manufacturer puts cheaper support foam around the perimeter of the bed. They may rationalize this by saying it provides a firm edge to sit on, however it is really just a way of reducing costs. This foam is likely not covered under the warranty and will break down much quicker than latex. Make sure that the core is latex and that there is no “support foam” underneath like with memory foam beds.

Secondly, the mattress core should be at least 6″ thick. You’ll come across two terms: Dunlop and Talalay. These terms refer to the process in which the latex was made into foam. Dunlop tends to be less even and consistent feeling, but is fine as a core. Nearly all of the 100% Natural latex you will find is Dunlop. Talalay is nearly always a synthetic blend of varying percentages (in order to increase the durability of the bonds) and is more consistent, and also easier to create a specific firmness. Talalay is harder to make, usually more durable and has better feel so will usually be more expensive.

Remember, latex comes in many firmnesses so be sure try out a few. If you are unsure of what you want, it is usually better to go firmer, as you can always add a topper. There are also many zoned models that provide enhanced posture support.

Many latex mattress manufacturers have been turning to natural materials for their covers as well. Wool is a very tried and true material that is durable, wicks away moisture to prevent mold, and is naturally breathable and antimicrobial. Bamboo covers are also a good, breathable material that will complement latex nicely.

Can memory foam work with my Platform Bed?

April 15, 2008

Absolutely. Memory foam works best on firm, solid support, which most platform beds provide. Most platform beds are constructed of a simple frame that utilizes a wood slat system or wood planks. Way before box springs were invented, people used to sleep on platform beds, so this ‘Modern’ trend is actually more retro than you may think!

Most slat systems actually provide a little more flexibility , which in itself can help reduce the pressure points on experiences on a traditional mattress/box set up. When paired with the pressure relieving qualities of memory foam mattresses, you have system that works together to naturally support your body and provide pressure relief, all while looking very cool and in style!

It will not hurt a quality memory foam at all to be on a good, supportive platform bed. So relax, you can have your style and a good nights’ sleep!

Have you been considering a Memory Foam Mattress?

April 2, 2008

Have you been tossing around the idea of purchasing a memory foam mattress lately? If so, there is probably a few questions and concerns you may have if you have only slept on coil mattresses.

One of the most common is “How do I know if I will like it?”. It can be difficult to tell after only spending a 10 minutes at a store or when shopping online. One of the best ways to determine which mattress might best suit you is to consult with a knowledgeable salesperson and explain what is comfortable to you. They should be able to match you with a Memory Mattress that will suit your needs. Also, most companies of offer at least 30 days in which you can return or exchange the mattress. Usually you only have to pay a small restocking fee, which takes most of the risk away.

Another question that commonly arises is “Am I going to get hot when I sleep?”. The answer is no as long as your mattress has a proper ventilation system. Individuals that are particularly concerned can also purchase “Cool-Max” covers that are designed to aid in moisture and heat prevention even further.

The third most common question is “What is the difference between Tempur-Pedic Mattresses and other memory foams?”. While this is a very expansive question, the main indicator of quality in memory foam is density. Tempurpedic beds possess a 5.3 lb density per sq. ft. therefore other brands that use this same formula with temperature sensitive visco-elastic foam should feel quite similar if not identical to Tempurpedic. Lower grade foams that have a density under 5 lbs. are considered inferior and usually offered at very low prices by mass retailers. If the mattress doesn’t come with a 20 year warranty and the salesperson doesn’t know the density of their mattresses, it would probably be wise to keep looking.

Back pain, meet Adjustable Beds.

March 4, 2008

    It has been said that “Necessity is the mother of invention.” This certainly seems to be holding true when it comes to our bodies and sleep. People are working longer, harder days than ever, doing more and more to strain their bodies, and becoming more stressed and less healthy by the minute. A recent study concluded that, of people over age 30, only 1 in every 1000 claims NOT to have back pain. That sure is eye opening!

No wonder so much is being invested in high-tech mattresses! We seem to need all the help we can get. Most people want a mattress that can make their 4-5 hours of sleep feel like 8, and leave them feeling ache free and ready to take on a 12-hour work day and 3 meals of fast food!

The great news is that Adjustable Beds are helping many people, not just seniors, achieve a higher level of comfort. When paired with memory foam mattresses and latex, the effect is multiplied. By elevating your feet up to 30-45 degrees and your head just slightly, all pressure is taken off of your hips and lower back, equivalent to the “Zero-Gravity” feeling of outer-space, not to mention the hundreds of other combinations and massage (yes, massage) features available. If you are one of the 999 people who do suffer back pain, it might very well be worth your while to test out necessity’s  invention!